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Welcome to Catholic Barcelona, the only English-language site attempting to catalogue all of the interesting churches, monasteries, and other religious sites in the city of Barcelona.

With nearly 2,000 years of Christian history behind her, Barcelona is not just the hip, design-oriented city on the Mediterranean where the famous Sagrada Familia church is located.  With nine basilicas, dozens of historic parishes and chapels dating back many centuries, and shrines of some famous and not-so-famous saints, there is a great deal more to the history and Catholic culture of this ancient metropolis than your standard travel guidebooks will tell you.  The fascinating connections between Barcelona and the great sweep of Western civilization are scattered around the Catalan capital for you to discover, from the dawn of Christianity during the Roman Empire, down through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment, to the tumultuous political and social upheavals of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Whether or not you are Catholic, the hope is that you will find these pages informative and entertaining, whether you are planning your next trip to Barcelona, or just exploring the city from wherever you happen to be right now.